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Along with the interference of knowledge and human civilization around the world, literary works are increasingly being translated into many different language versions. Especially in Vietnam, the percentage of foreign books is not small. That is why the demand for book translation is growing more and more. So what is book translation? What is a reliable book translation address on the market today? Let’s find out in the article below.

1. What is book translation?
To better understand this industry, we need to define what exactly is book translation?

Translation is generally the transmission of a message from one language to another, in order to express a certain purpose. Book translation is a small segment in translation, with the task of translating official publications. These types of books or publications are often very diverse in genres and content: novels, newspapers, magazines, specialized books, academic books, etc.


Book translation is considered a difficult type of translation and has many challenges. Because not only translating from one language to another, the expression of sentences is also very important, how to be good, attractive and attract readers.

Even today’s famous translators can’t be sure that they can complete a good book translation. Because the synchronization of language level, expression, writing style and thinking style of the original author of the book is very important. Therefore, although the book translation industry has high income, it is also very demanding and difficult.

2. What documents does book translation include?
Currently, the units receiving translation books almost do not introduce the type of translated documents. Normally, book translation will be applied to literary documents: short stories, poems, scripts, novels. The number of titles translated and published reaches millions of copies.

Currently, the translation service will include the following types of documents:

Works of short stories and literary theory.
Short stories, novels, prose, poetry.
Materials are available from domestic and foreign sources.
Magazines, literary publications at home and abroad.
Documents manuscript books, stories, newspapers.
Dissertation, scientific research.
Books specialized in all areas of life.
Translation languages: from English – Vietnamese, Chinese – Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and many other languages.
3. Requirements when translating books
Unlike other papers or documents, the book contains a lot of knowledge about science and life and culture in the place where the author lives. Sometimes, just through the page of a book, the author will send many messages and deep meanings into it. Therefore, if the translation is done only superficially and lightly, it is difficult to guarantee the meaning of the work.

Therefore, the book translation will need to meet the following requirements:

– Cultural understanding
A book is more than just providing knowledge. Through which, readers can better understand the regional culture, place name and the author’s own homeland. Especially historical books or documents re-enacting cultural and social events. Therefore, regardless of the type of book, the translator also needs to understand the culture of the place where the book is published.

– Good reading comprehension skills
Reading comprehension helps them translate books more fully and meaningfully. Book translation needs to translate many documents of various genres. It could be a science text or a fantasy story. The work may also appear metaphors, understatements or slang.

Therefore, it can be said that the reading comprehension ability of the translator determines 70% of the success of the book.

– Translation level
In order to convey the story with the right content that the author sends, the translation needs to be authentic, convey all the message in the right way.

It is very common for translators to misrepresent the style and message of the book. It is this that can turn a masterpiece into an instant failure.

– Ability to express
Book translation is a job that requires language conversion. The translation will be rewritten by the translators themselves, so they need to be able to express themselves truthfully and literally. Absolutely not because personal thoughts cause deviations from the author’s intention.

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