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    Professional Chinese translation service with native accent at Trans Global

    Trans Global is a professional unit providing prestigious and quality Chinese translation services. We have been cooperating with large and small domestic and foreign enterprises in all fields.

    Types of translation from Chinese to Vietnamese… & vice versa at Trans Global

    Currently, Trans Global is providing many forms of Chinese translation to meet the needs of different customers.

    • Cabin/parallel interpreter
    • Accompanying interpreter/escort
    • Serial interpretation/chasing
    • Silent translation
    • Remote interpretation, online Chinese translation

    Trans Global translates Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) – Vietnamese as well as Chinese and many other popular languages (English, Japanese, Korean,…).

    With a variety of translation forms above, Trans Global supports many businesses and organizations with popular translation contents, which are:

    1. Translation Factory – Chinese factory

    • Interpreting supervision activities in factories and workshops
    • Translating activities to check the work progress in factories and workshops
    • Interpreter to supervise labor safety procedures
    • Interpreting how to handle operational technical errors
    • Interpreting how to operate and control machines
    • Translating the conversation between the boss and the employee
    • Interpreter check the product manufacturing process
    • Translating product manual training
    • Interpreter to check product quality
    • Interpreting, interviewing, recruiting and training new employees
    • Interpretation of occupational safety training
    • ……

    2. Chinese Interpretation in Negotiation
    Trans Global provides negotiation and interpretation services on a variety of topics, including:

    • Interpreting negotiation issues such as business cooperation contracts
    • Interpreting, negotiating and conciliating conflicts
    • Translating negotiations on property disputes, divorce, litigation
    • Interpreting and negotiating multilateral exchange conferences
    • Translating on economic negotiations
    • Translating on political negotiations
    • Interpreting and negotiating on diplomatic and military issues
    • Interpreting and negotiating economic contracts
    • Translating business mergers and acquisitions
    • Interpreting and negotiating on climate change response
    • Interpreters negotiate to exchange measures to prevent epidemics
    • Interpreting and negotiating contracts, agreements,…
    • ……

    3. Translation of Fairs – Exhibitions

    Trans Global provides Chinese translation services at domestic and international fairs and exhibitions:

    • Fair on import, export, wholesale and retail with bold regional imprints
    • Exhibition to display, introduce goods, products or services
    • Promotional exhibition encourages buying action, honoring achievements
    • The fair promotes Vietnam’s main export agricultural products to the Chinese market
    • The fair displays literary and artistic works of the two countries Vietnam – China
    • Food fair, introducing special dishes of Vietnam and China
    • ……

    4. Chinese Interpretation in Conferences and Seminars

    • New product training conference
    • Fitness and sports conference
    • Multinational conference on cooperation and investment
    • Trade Promotion Conference
    • Customer Appreciation Conference
    • Conference awarding certificates of merit and honoring businesses and individuals
    • Quarterly and annual summary meeting
    • Scientific seminar
    • Student workshop
    • International Conference
    • Technical and technology exchange seminar
    • Experience sharing workshop
    • Specialized workshops
    • ……

    5. On-site interpretation Chinese – Vietnamese and 48+ other languages

    Multilingual field interpreting for all industries and areas of life, including:

    • Interpretation of the auction scene.
    • The field interpreter reports the progress of the project.
    • Translating on-site conversations between bosses and employees.
    • On-site interpretation of meetings and quick discussion of proposals.
    • On-site interpretation at the live product introduction.
    • ……

    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



    • Hanoi Head Office: No. 19/157 Chua Lang Street- Lang Thuong Ward- Dong Da District- City. HN
    • Transaction office: No. 120 Tran Binh, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
    • Hotline: 09712 99986



    Hotline: 09712 99986


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