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    Japanese translation service at Trans Global – Professional – Native standard

    Trans Global is a famous Japanese translation service provider, which has been chosen by many businesses because of its high quality of interpreters and good customer care policy. Trans Global has had 500++ customers using the Japanese translation service and highly appreciated it. This is also the motivation for us to increasingly improve service quality to bring satisfaction to our customers.

    Types of translation from Japanese to Vietnamese… & vice versa at Trans Global

    Trans Global is currently providing many types of interpretation to suit the needs of each project from many different customers.

    On-site Interpreting over 50 languages
    With the multilingual field interpretation service, Trans Global’s interpreters will help the parties discuss progress, changes, proposals directly at the production site, construction site or diplomatic events, politics.


    Project Interpreter
    Trans Global’s interpreter will act as a bridge to help the collaborating parties understand the content of the discussions. From there come decisions to improve, change, etc. about products or services.


    Translation services remotely, by phone, video call
    Trans Global provides remote interpretation services to clients who cannot meet face-to-face or are hindered by geographical distance. The interpreting session will be carried out via remote communication tools such as: phone, zalo, skype, zoom, etc.


    Interpreter Chase, Serial
    During awards ceremonies, press conferences, interviews, trainings, meetings, etc., our interpreters will receive information from the speaker/speaker, and proceed to translate immediately after so that the listener can grasp the content.


    Cabin/Parallel Interpreter
    The interpreter sits in the cabin to both listen and translate information from the speaker so that the listener can grasp the content at the same time. This is considered a difficult form of interpreting, requiring high language skills. Trans Global is proud to have successfully implemented many cabin interpretation projects to satisfy customers.


    Accompanying Interpreter
    Our interpreters will always walk side by side with our clients in meetings to help convey messages as well as interpret feedback in conferences, seminars, etc.


    Translator Silently
    Silent Interpretation is used when there is no adequate audio setup for parallel/cabin interpretation and the interpreter listens to the presenter by ear, then whispers the translation to the attendees so that their voices are not heard. affect the presentation.

    The above types of interpretation are applied in real situations. At Trans Global, you can get Japanese translation services for a wide range of topics and contents. Specifically it is:

    1. Workshop interpreting service
    Trans Global interpreters will be present directly at factories, factories, workshops, etc. to convert languages between two or more individuals with content related to:

    • Machines and techniques
    • Train staff, check progress
    • Labor protection…

    2. Interpreting for Conferences and Seminars
    The main contents when interpreting conferences and seminars at Trans Global include:

    • Multi-national conference on economic, political, diplomatic issues, etc.
    • Study abroad seminar, training workshop,…

    3. Interpreting for Fairs and Exhibitions

    • Trade fairs to promote products, services, etc.
    • Art exhibitions: paintings, photos,…

    4. Interpretation Negotiation
    The contents of the negotiation interpreting service at Trans Global can be mentioned as follows:

    • Business negotiation, technology support, technology transfer, multilateral cooperation, etc.
    • Negotiating and resolving conflicts and proceedings (involving individuals or organizations)
      Commercial negotiation, buying and selling, ..

    5. Court Interpretation
    Court interpreters at Trans Global with knowledge of court languages and legal knowledge will assist in simultaneous interpretation of two or more languages to act as a bridge between the litigants and the trial participants. The trial went smoothly.

    In addition, we also provide high quality Japanese translation for a wide range of topics and contents. Contact us now!

    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



    • Hanoi Head Office: No. 19/157 Chua Lang Street- Lang Thuong Ward- Dong Da District- City. HN
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    • Hotline: 09712 99986



    Hotline: 09712 99986


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