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    Before choosing the translation service of any business, the price is something that we should consider and consider carefully. Therefore, to help you conveniently refer to the most suitable service price, we will share information around the issue of translation quotes in the article below.

    Established in 2017, Trans Global is one of the leading translation service providers in Asia. Therefore, we commit that all translation quotation costs are provided to customers in the most public, detailed and reasonable way.


    Refer to the price list of #high quality general interpreters at Trans Global

    Translation quotes at Trans Global are optimized with excellent quality:

    • Trans Global received the award “Excellent Product – Service 2021”
    • Trans Global applies a globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
    • Trans Global reached the top 150 LSPI – the world’s largest translation and interpretation companies rankings

    The following is a price list of high-quality reference interpreters at Trans Global:

    Language 2 working hours (01 interpreter) 4 working hours (01 interpreter) 8 working hours (2 interpreters)
    1. Price for serial interpreting services
    Việt – Anh 2.915.000 3.685.000 5.555.000
    Việt – Trung 3.685.000 5.555.000 7.315.000
    Việt – Nhật 5.555.000 7.315.000 10.945.000
    Việt – Hàn 5.555.000 7.315.000 10.945.000
    2. Prices for cabin/parallel interpreting services
    Việt – Anh —  10.945.000  21.725.000 
    Việt – Trung —  10.945.000  21.725.000 
    Việt – Nhật —  18.040.000  35.750.000 
    Việt – Hàn —  28.930.000 54.450.000 

    Taiwanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino, Czech, Swedish, Vietnamese Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Burmese, Other……

    Latest translation quotes in popular languages

    We will provide translation quotes for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, etc. for your convenience below.

    1. Price list for Chinese translation 1 day, hourly
    The Chinese translation service provided by Trans Global is suitable for all the needs of customers who want to hire a Chinese interpreter for 2 hours, 4 – 8 hours, 1 day, many days or long-term. You can refer to the Chinese-Vietnamese translation quote: Chinese translation price for 1 day, hourly below:

    Time\Service Serial interpretation/chasing Cabin/parallel interpreter
    2 working hours (01 interpreter) 3.685.000
    4 working hours (01 interpreter) 5.555.000 10.945.000
    8 working hours (2 interpreters) 7.315.000 21.725.000

    2. Quotation for Japanese translation by hour, by day
    You need a price list for Japanese translation by the hour, by the day, …? The hourly cost of Japanese-Vietnamese translation at Trans Global is committed to being the most competitive in the market. Specifically, we provide you with a basic quote for 02 types of interpretation as follows:

    Time\Service Serial interpretation/chasing Cabin/parallel interpreter
    2 working hours (01 interpreter) 5.555.000
    4 working hours (01 interpreter) 7.315.000 18.040.000
    8 working hours (2 interpreters) 10.945.000 35.750.000

    3. The best Korean interpreter quotes by the hour, by the day
    The trend of Vietnam – Korea cooperation is becoming popular nowadays. Therefore, the demand for short-term or long-term Korean translation is interested by many customers. You can refer to the table of costs for hiring Korean – Vietnamese interpreters at Trans Global below:

    Time\Service Serial interpretation/chasing Cabin/parallel interpreter
    2 working hours (01 interpreter) 5.555.000
    4 working hours (01 interpreter) 7.315.000 28.930.000
    8 working hours (2 interpreters) 10.945.000  54.450.000

    Information to note about the price list of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, … by the hour, by the day

    Some notes you should pay attention to when referring to our translation price list:

    • The above translation price list is for reference only.
    • Customers deposit via 2 methods: Directly at the office or by bank transfer. You need to deposit 70% of the cost to confirm the service.
    • Clients will be tested on the interpreter’s ability to communicate and improvise before officially selecting the one most suitable for the project.
      In case of need to go on a long business trip: Travel and accommodation expenses of the interpreter are paid by the client side.
    • After the end of the translation session, Trans Global receives customer feedback on the quality of the translation up to 10 working days.
    • Translation costs may vary depending on the type of interpretation, the level of difficulty of the translation, and the accompanying requirements. Therefore, please contact Trans Global’s hotline for the fastest quotation support.
    • Quotes for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, etc. based on different levels
    • The selection of a good, experienced interpreter is one of the factors that determine the success of the project besides the translation price. Therefore, depending on the nature of the project, you can choose the interpreter at the right level to optimize the reasonable budget.
    Here are the 5 levels of interpreters:
    Level 1 – Language aid
    This is the lowest level of interpretation. At this time, the translator is not considered an interpreter but only a language assistant. Therefore, they only need to reach a basic level of foreign language, enough to meet common daily conversations such as exchanging work, family, etc.
    Level 2 – Para-professtional interpreter
    Here, interpreters can undertake medium-level, non-specialist translations. These are usually internal business activities such as discussing issues in meetings, training new employees, etc.
    Level 3 – Interpreter
    An interpreter who wants to practice professionally, they need to achieve a minimum of level 3. With this degree, interpreters can receive specialized translations in a specific specialized area such as banking, healthcare, or social services. , law,….

    Level 4 – Conference Interpreter

    Level 4 requires interpreters with more professional qualifications. Interpreters have high language skills, ability to handle situations that arise quickly, etc. Therefore, translators at this level are capable of undertaking simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous translation. These two types of interpretation are usually performed in high-level meetings, conferences, seminars on one or more fields such as science, engineering, technology, science, law, etc.

    Level 5 – Senior Conference Interpreter

    This is the level that shows the outstanding ability of the interpreter. They possess extremely good professionalism and discipline. Through it, they deliver excellence in their work. This is even more important for translation sessions that require high expertise (language used, understanding capital, translation attitude, …) such as international press conferences, cabin translation, bilingual program host cum session. live translation on television/stage,…

    Normally, translation units will quote translation prices in 3 levels:

    • Simple interpretation: Interpreters communicate normally, without specialisation.
    • Advanced Interpreting: Experienced and specialized interpreters.
    • Senior interpreting: In-depth specialized interpretation, interpretation of high-level meetings, visits of leaders of countries

    Types of translation we usually quote

    Trans Global is currently quoting according to common types of interpretation including:

    • Cabin/parallel interpretation: for live broadcasts, important meetings (administrative meetings, shareholder meetings, …) or in court proceedings, etc.
    • Follow-up / serial interpretation: used in exhibitions, fairs, sightseeing trips, contract signing meetings, etc.
    • Silent interpretation: common in the following cases: Negotiating, signing all documents, at the factory – construction site, interviewing for visa, …
    • Translating remotely, by phone: usually applied when the company needs to meet and negotiate with foreign partners urgently but cannot meet face-to-face.
    • Accompanying interpreters: at construction sites, tour guides, multilateral negotiation meetings, etc.

    Depending on the difficulty of different types of interpretation, translation costs will vary. Basically, the form of cabin interpretation and serial interpretation will have a higher cost than other forms because of the extremely high level of interpreter requirements.

    What are the costs of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese translation?

    An exact translation cost table will depend on many different factors. You can consult to define and deliver specific project requirements to Trans Global.

    • Popularity of translation language pairs: With popular languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., translating from Vietnamese will have a lower cost than difficult languages, with few translators such as Dutch. , Danish, Norwegian, Arabic,…
    • Interpretation time: If a project has a long interpreting time, the price of interpretation will be higher than if the translation takes place within a few hours.
    • Number of interpreters: If you need multiple translators for a project, the cost of interpreting will increase compared to a standard interpreter. For example, extended cabin interpreting sessions (8 hours or more) will require 2 or more interpreters. With this translation feature with high difficulty and concentration, using only 1 translator will affect the quality of the translation.
    • Interpreter’s experience: For events that do not require highly specialized translators such as simple business exchanges, weddings, real estate leases, etc., interpreting quotes will be more economical than operations. Specializations such as seminars, high-level conferences, television, etc.

    Trans Global provides translation services for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. with good price and high quality

    Trans Global brings many solutions for project-based, short-term and long-term translation quotes for customers across the country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Khanh Hoa, Can Tho, etc.

    Specifically, if you have a need to use our services as soon as possible but are not present in Hanoi, we would like to introduce to you the online translation service. As long as the device has a good Internet connection, Trans Global is committed to providing the best translation quality as with the offline form.


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