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    Translating English into Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese,… & vice versa – Global trend

    English translation services appear in almost every field and profession of life. Under the push of the trend of globalization, the need to use this service has increased even more. This creates favorable momentum for the “blooming” development of translation companies. However, not all translation businesses have good quality. Immediately consult the service at Trans Global to make the right choice for yourself.

    Accurate and fast English translation service at Trans Global

    Trans Global is one of the leading English translation agencies in the market today. We specialize in serving many forms of English translation for the diverse needs of our clients. For example, some of the following services.

    Dịch thuật tiếng Anh
    English translation

    English translation of all text formats

    We accept English translation for a variety of different types of documents and documents.

    1. Book translation
    Books and newspapers compiled at Trans Global are very rich in standards such as:

    • Books and newspapers for education and scientific research such as foreign language books, math books, scientific research materials, history, architecture…
    • Story books, literary works, novels, short stories, prose, poems, etc.
    • Handbook of cooking instructions, behavior, life lessons …
    • Magazines, newspapers, online newspapers related to fields such as health, education, technology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, world news…

    2. Notarized translation of documents and records in English
    Notarized English translation is one of the most widely selected services at Trans Global, with translation services for many types of documents and papers:

    • Notarized personal papers such as: job application, resume, citizen identification, birth certificate, red book, passport, driving license, marriage certificate, diploma…
    • Export documents such as study abroad documents, labor export documents, tourist visa applications, notarization of foreign settlement procedures, …
    • Labor contract, commercial contract, economic, …
    • Tax reports, audit documents, accounting documents, receipts and payments, invoices, etc.
    • Quality management records (CO), bill of lading (BL), origin (CO), …
    • Documents, company capacity records, bidding documents, …
    • Business license papers, product publication permits, construction permits or patent recognition records, etc.
    • Legal documents related to house purchase and sale procedures, wills, medical records, injury certificates, etc.

    3. Translating contracts and reports in English
    Trans Global accepts to translate contracts and reports in various forms for different types of documents:

    • Contracts for signing commercial cooperation, joint-venture production, import and export of goods, product purchase and sale contracts, …
    • Labor contract, cooperation agreement
    • Tax reports, audit reports, invoices, tax returns, etc.
    • Property valuation reports, financial statements, etc.
    • Report on business results or progress of project completion, …

    In addition, we also support English translation for the following types of documents:

    • Translating MSDS . documents
    • DTP electronic publishing for documents, newspapers, websites, etc.
    • Translate game in English
    • Translation of company profile, business introduction documents, etc.
    • Translation of theses, academic documents such as graduation thesis, master/doctoral theses, scientific research papers, thesis reports, etc.

    Hire an English translation right at Trans Global to receive the translation with 100% accuracy.

    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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    Hotline: 09712 99986


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