Translation languages ​​and basic translation methods

Referring to the most developed professions in the current context, it is certainly impossible to ignore the field of translation. Translation has been dominating the market, meeting many requirements of customers in the process of working, studying and working. So what is translation? What is language translation? How many basic translation methods are there? Please help us answer the above questions in the article below.

1. What is translation? What is translation language?

Translation is understood as a method of interpreting to transfer documents from one language to another while ensuring the meaning. The original language and the translation language can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Translation language is the language used in the translation process, including the original language and the translation language. It can be English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and other less popular languages ​​such as Arabic, Indian, etc. Currently, translation languages ​​are very diverse. This is considered an inevitable trend in the context of integration, people need to expand relationships, study and work with international friends, in many countries.

2. What should be noted when using translation language?

Using the translated language during the translation process should pay attention to 4 criteria, including local culture, field of translation, language characteristics and translation support technology.

The local culture
Indigenous culture refers to the customs, habits, and cultural identity of a community or people in a certain area. In order to translate literally and naturally, translators need to care about and learn about the local culture and have basic knowledge in the field they are translating.

Translation field
Next is the field of translation. The language of translation belongs to many different contents such as economics, commerce, culture, education, music, literature, medicine or countless different specialties. Not only having local cultural knowledge, using the translated language must be accurate, specialized, absolutely not misleading, leading to the wrong expression of the meaning.

Language features
The next criterion to note is language features. Difficult language, easy language, common language and less common language, etc. Depending on the client’s requirements, the translator must use different languages, the expression style is also different. separate. Language knowledge is an important factor that cannot be ignored to do this job well.

Support technology
During the translation process, do not forget about assistive technology. The system of translation software helps experts solve difficult situations quickly and accurately. At the same time, the management and monitoring of the work is carried out easier.

3. Basic translation methods

Translation languages ​​are very diverse – an inevitable trend in the context of integration

In the process of translating, transferring documents from one language to another, there are many methods used by interpreters. These methods are used flexibly in many different situations, depending on the content of the document to be translated. In which, there are 4 common methods: borrowed translation, copy translation, verbatim translation and modulated translation. Specific information is as follows:

Borrowed translation
Borrowed translation refers to the use of the same word or an expressive state in the original text and the target text. This is a fairly simple translation method, such as email – borrowed is still email; canteen – canteen – borrowed translation changes the spelling but does not change the meaning,…

Copy translation
In the field of translation, transcription translation is known as a special borrowed translation method. All syntactic units in the original text are borrowed, separated into individual parts, and translated literally. For example showroom means showroom or heavy industry, translated as heavy industry.

Original translation
The next method is verbatim translation, also known as word-to-word translation. This method refers to the grammatical structure replacement of the original text by the same or nearly identical syntax. With highly qualified translators with many years of experience in the profession, they use this method very effectively.

Modified translation
Finally, modulated translation – refers to a change in the message, caused by a change in opinion. This method is applied when translating verbatim or transposition to get a grammatically correct sentence that is not natural in the translated language.

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Above is our article to provide readers with information about translated languages. In the current integration context, translation is one of the very developed fields, attracting the attention of many different customers. Mastering this information helps translators improve their professional qualifications, users in need will experience the most satisfied services.

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