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    Difficulties in translating Korean into Vietnamese… & vice versa?

    Korean translation services not all units can handle and bring high quality translations. If the translator’s vocabulary is weak or grammatically incorrect, it is easy to misinterpret the original text.

    If the common structure in English is Subject + Verb + Object, the structure in Korean is Subject + Object + Verb. This can make many translators unfamiliar, leading to confused and obscure sentences.

    Especially when translating technical documents into Korean, it only takes a few words wrong for the translator to distort the construction and assembly process. The damage that the company has to bear is up to tens of billions of dong.

    Moreover, human resources capable of translating Korean are lacking and weak. Human resources in enterprises may not be able to translate documents and in-depth documents.

    Therefore, most Vietnamese businesses use the Korean translation service of a reputable translation company like Trans Global to ensure 100% accuracy.

    Translation service from Korean to Vietnamese… & vice versa Quality – Prestige at Trans Global

    Trans Global is one of the best choices at the moment in the field of translation. With a team of experienced and well-trained staff, we always bring absolute satisfaction to our customers.

    Korean translations at Trans Global

    Currently, Trans Global provides Korean translation services with all the following types of documents and videos:

    1. Notarized translation of all kinds of administrative and legal documents

    • Business capacity profile
    • Study abroad dossiers, labor export documents
    • Visa application form
    • Business license
    • School profile
    • Birth certificate
    • Citizen ID
    • License
    • Household book, passport
    • Medical records, medical examination papers, prescriptions
      Marriage and divorce papers
    • Certificate of foreign language, informatics
    • Will, certificate of inheritance
    • Certificate of Shares
    • Civil status papers such as certificates of land use rights

    2. Translating administrative documents, import-export, accounting

    • Financial report
    • Economic contracts
    • Financial paper
    • Bill
    • Bids
    • Labor contract
    • Tax return
    • Import and Export Profile
    • Receipts – payments of all kinds
    • Labor export documents

    3. Translating specialized technical documents, drawings, designs

    • Construction drawings
    • How to assemble machines
    • How to apply technology to the production line…

    4. Translating common documents such as applications, letters

    • Job application
    • Letters to relatives
    • Complaint letter…

    5. Translating press and media news

    • Company flyer
    • Articles PR company products and services
    • News in major newspapers

    6. Compile books, manuals, menus

    • Restaurant menu
    • Machine User Manual
    • Instructions for using cosmetics
    • Korean cookbook
    • Korean literary works

    7. Compiling stories, online games

    • Translate books
    • Translate stories online
    • Compiling intellectual games, fighting…

    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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    Hotline: 09712 99986


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