Top 5 easiest languages ​​to learn for Vietnamese people in the world

Preserving and promoting the glorious tradition of the nation is what our forefathers always remind their descendants, including their mother tongue. Since birth, mother tongue has been ingrained in every human mind. So it will be very difficult to grasp and learn a new language. However, this is not entirely true, because if you have strengths in other languages, they will greatly help your life and career. Here are the top 10 easiest languages ​​to learn for Vietnamese.

Should you choose to learn a foreign language?
Foreign languages ​​are a means for you to exchange, connect and develop yourself with brothers around the world. If you only know your mother tongue, it will be difficult to apply to international companies, multinational companies, etc. Therefore, learn at least one foreign language because they will bring the following strengths:

Foreign languages ​​will help you expand job opportunities: Vietnam is a country that attracts a lot of investors from abroad. Therefore, they will need people who not only have expertise and enthusiasm but also know their language. In the period of economic integration, people with strong language skills will be highly valued.

Foreign languages ​​make it easy to access and absorb knowledge: Most of the valuable and useful documents are of international origin and are mainly translated into English. If you are a foreign language speaker, it will be easy for you to read and understand without technology intervention. Wouldn’t you be happy when you brought knowledge to yourself?

Foreign languages ​​help to have wide relationships and confidence in life: Connection is the most spoken phrase to refer to life. At least you have met a foreigner who was confused about what to say or did not understand what they said. Therefore, when you have a foreign language, you will confidently express yourself, bringing precious traditions to share with foreigners.

Top 5 easiest languages ​​to learn for Vietnamese people
There are about 7,000 different languages ​​in the world, a rather large number, but there will certainly be many suitable and easy-to-learn languages ​​for Vietnamese people.

English – the common language of all mankind: This is the most spoken language and the official language of more than 60 countries. The similarities and differences between English and Vietnamese are that they both learn from the Latin alphabet, so it will not be difficult for Vietnamese people to learn the alphabet. The big difference here is in pronunciation and grammar – a big barrier for learners. However, it will not be difficult if you are completely passionate.

Spanish is one of the six main languages ​​of the United Nations, second only to English when it comes to the most widely used language in the United States. The Spanish alphabet also uses the Latin system and adds a few other characters. Another special feature is that Spanish has the same spelling as reading.

French: Bringing the tone of romance, was quite popular in Vietnam during the French colonial period. French has the same alphabet as English, and the structure is also quite similar. So if English is easy for you, so is French.
Italian: “Pizza” – this is the language of Italy, many young people will mistake it for English. Italian uses the Latin alphabet, which has many similarities with French, English and Spanish, but with simpler pronunciation.
Swedish: Also uses the Latin alphabet system but adds 3 other letters. Spanish has many similarities with English, simple pronunciation, easy to hear and easy to remember.

What should be kept in mind when learning a foreign language to be able to learn effectively?
Although to learn a new language will take a lot of time. But to be able to learn a foreign language effectively, you must have passion and determination to pursue it.

Because only when you have passion are you willing to invest time and money to learn and acquire knowledge. Moreover, learning a language through movies, pictures, books, listening to music, etc. is also a useful way to learn quickly.

Besides, each language will also have its own characteristics and attraction. Therefore, depending on your interests or career and life orientation in the future, you can consider, learn and choose the right language for you to be able to hone your foreign language skills.

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