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    High quality translation service from English to Vietnamese, Chinese,… & vice versa at Trans Global

    Trans Global is the leading quality English translation agency in Asia today. With 5 years of experience in the field of translation in general and English translation in particular, Trans Global is ready to support you to complete your English translation quickly and accurately at the most reasonable cost.
    At Trans Global, we translate English – Vietnamese as well as English and many other popular languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean,…). Contact us now for the earliest registration and support.

    Translating and interpreting a variety of English languages are always available at Trans Global with a large and professional team.

    Types of English translation (interpretation) at Trans Global
    The type of English translation will depend on the needs of each customer. At Trans Global, we offer the same main types of interpretation, including:

    Parallel interpretation/cabin
    This is the most difficult type of interpreting of all the types of interpretation. Trans Global interpreters will translate in parallel with the speakers so that the listeners receive information simultaneously. In order to translate parallelly, our staff in addition to good knowledge of English also has acumen and flexible improvisation. For this type of interpretation, a cabin and audio equipment are required.

    Pursuit/Serial Interpretation
    Consecutive interpreting (or serial interpreting) is a type of serial interpretation, meaning that when the client finishes a sentence/reads a piece of text, the Trans Global interpreter begins to translate that conversation into target language. This type of translation is suitable for discussions with few participants such as character interviews, press conferences to announce events, negotiations and contract signing…

    Accompanying interpreter
    With an accompanying interpreter, our interpreters are accompanied by instructors, representatives of foreign companies, etc. thus ensuring instant and natural communication between them and the participants. Events in this type of interpreting include trade fairs, audits, assessments and guided tours of offices, factories, etc. The work of an accompanying English interpreter at Trans Global is to facilitate interaction and ensure communication between event participants.

    Silent translation
    This is a form of translation whispering into the listener’s ear in a small way. The interpreter whispers the translation into the ears of one or two meeting participants, instead of working from the soundproof cabin through headphones. Then the sound of the original language is still louder and clearer. This type of translation is another form of parallel translation for small-scale exchanges such as contract signing, internal meetings, etc. Silent translation is for small meetings of short duration because it is easy to do. , no need for cabin or audio equipment.

    Remote interpretation by phone
    In addition to face-to-face interpretation, Trans Global also provides telephonic interpretation services for customers who are hindered by geographical distance. Translation activities will take place through supporting tools such as: Zoom, Google Meet, Zalo, Skype, etc.

    Trans Global’s English translation service hires a variety of types:

    • Field Interpretation
    • Translating by project, bidding
    • Interpreting at factories and factories
    • Interpreting for Fairs and Exhibitions
    • Interpretation for Conferences and Seminars
    • Translating Negotiations
    • Court Interpreter
    • Translating Interviews
    • Interpreter at the office
    • English game translation

    Translating English into Vietnamese, Chinese,… & vice versa for all majors – fields

    Trans Global, a multi-disciplinary English translation service provider to meet the needs of all domestic and foreign clients.

    • English translator specialized in Technology and Information.
    • English translator specialized in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals.
    • English translator specialized in Oil and Gas, Energy.
    • English translator specialized in Electronics and Telecommunications.
    • English translator specialized in Banking and Finance.
    • English translator specialized in Business Administration.
    • ……

    With each of the above specialties, it requires a certain in-depth understanding of the field to be able to produce the most accurate translations.

    • Political translation in English.
    • Business English translation.
    • Military English translation.
    • English translation in the field of culture – society.
    • English translation in the field of Foreign Affairs.
    • Natural English translation.
    • ……

    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



    • Hanoi Head Office: No. 19/157 Chua Lang Street- Lang Thuong Ward- Dong Da District- City. HN
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    • Hotline: 09712 99986



    Hotline: 09712 99986


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