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    Translation of financial and banking documents

    Translation of financial and banking documents requires a detailed and meticulous approach to many specialized terminologies.  Translators need to have a wide and deep knowledge in finance and banking. Trans Global is considered prestigious, professional, quick and accurate specialized terminology with the cheapest price only available at Trans Global.

    The financial and banking documents translated by us always with international standards and high accuracy, and we provide more than 100 languages for clients. Clients can feel totally secure and confident when using translation services at prestigious and professional Trans Global.

    Translating financial and banking documents for many domestic and foreign partners

    With many years of prestige and the motto client is number 1, Trans Global recruits highly qualified staff in the field of finance and banking and has experienced in translating big finance and banking projects including major banks such as VP Bank, Viettin Bank, Dong A Bank, Maritime Bank, Maybank, ACB Bank, Lien Viet Bank, Saigon Bank, Habubank, Exim Bank, BIDV Bank, ..

    Finance and banking is a quite large, diverse and rich field. It dominates the important economic relationship in the market. Especially in the era of global economic development as at present. Accurate and timely updating of global financial and trading information is an important basis for researching, drawing up a plan for manufacturing, commerce and important development orientation of the company

    Being aware of the importance of this type of document, we only use a team of professional translators with many years of experience to ensure accuracy for clients.

    Financial and banking translators

    Our translation staff has over 5-10 years of professional experience carefully selected and tested to ensure that only professional translators, editors and appraisers can work on the client’s translation projects.

    We are aware of the nature of financial documents is very sensitive, so we follow strict confidentiality procedures, and we are committed to absolute confidentiality for our clients. All translation specialists must sign confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts during the work.

    All translators are required to use translation memory, dictionaries, proprietary terminology, and adhere to strict quality testing regulations aiming at ensuring the quality and accuracy of the translation for clients

    Professional financial and banking translation staff

    Trans Global has years of experience in translating all types of financial, banking and accounting documents, including:

    – Financial report

    – Report on business results

    – Balance sheet

    – Auditor’s Report

    – Cash flow statement

    – Inventory report

    – Report on the project implementation situation, import and export situation

    – Notes to the financial statements

    – Balance sheet amounts arising

    – Business planning and budgeting

    – Financial statements instructions

    – VAT report

    – Tax audit records, tax examination documents

    – Banking documents

    – Credit agreement, mortgage contract, contract of pledge, bill of debt

    – Insurance documents

    Translating financial and banking documents for many domestic and foreign partners

    In particular, we:

    – Using translators who have been trained full-time at major universities including Hanoi University,  Academy of Finance,  Banking Academy, and foreign Universities and Academies.   Translators are mostly working at financial companies or have experience in this area

    – Commitment to the absolute confidentiality of clients’ documents and information: All documents sent to Trans Global will be stored in the anti-copy server system, only employees assigned to carry out projects have the right to access to these documents. All documents of clients will be deleted from our database after 3-6 months; therefore, You may feel completely assured

    – Time commitment: We are committed to hand over the translation ahead of time or on time as in the contract, and there is no delay

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    The promise of quality

    TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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    Hotline: 09712 99986


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