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Translating Korean to Vietnamese,… & On the contrary, special attention should be paid to these things

Korean translation helps you get closer to information, events, documents in fields, industries as well as Korean culture, for the purpose of entertainment and learning. or labor. However, this is a difficult language to translate, with complex sentence structure, grammar and pronouns. Not to mention, the way of communication will be too different according to different genders, ages, ranks or positions.

The above requires the translation process to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • For translation: The translation must have high semantic accuracy, fluent style, suitable for the target user's local culture. Professional form of presentation of documents, in accordance with the standard form.
  • For interpreters: Understand Korean culture and code of conduct in order to interpret correctly and in accordance with the context of the conversation. The interpreter must have fast reflexive translation skills that can fully express the ideas in the original sentence.

Trans Global's High Quality Korean Translation Service

Trans Global is one of the leading Korean translation service providers in the market today with many translation languages. We own a team of thousands of professional translators and a quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2015, ensuring to serve many multi-form and multi-specialty Korean translation projects.</p > 

At Trans Global, we translate Korean – Vietnamese (Vietnamese to Korean and vice versa) as well as many other popular languages. Register now with us for the earliest support.

  • Trans Global translates general and specialized documents into Korean
  • Trans Global notarized translation into Korean
  • Trans Global Translator – Multi-Formal Korean Interpreter
  • Trans Global localization (app, website, game, video,...) in Korean
  • Trans Global translates media (subtitles, recordings, voiceovers,...) into Korean

Korean Translation at Trans Global – Translating documents, papers, records

Trans Global provides Korean translation services with all types of documents, documents, notarized Korean documents below:

Translating documents for over 100 specialties

  • Books, newspapers, magazines, documents, novels, poetry, short stories… in Korean
  • Documents, company profile, catalog, brochure, leaflet...
  • Types of academic documents, research reports, theses, theses, theses… for bachelor, master, doctoral…
  • Translating documents related to engineering, production, design drawings…
  • And many more documents

Documents, records, notarized documents in Korean

  • Personal notarized documents and records such as diplomas, foreign language certificates, driving licenses, passports, visas, study abroad applications or labor export registration documents, bank statements , insurance, health certificate…
  • Notarized documents and records for businesses such as business licenses, advertising licenses, product composition test certificates, diplomas, company certifications...
  • Translation of various types of purchase and sale contracts, insurance contracts, property transfer contracts, joint venture cooperation contracts, labor contracts…
  • Documents, papers, invoices related to auditing and accounting such as tax reports, financial statements, tax declarations, receipts and payments…
  • Notarized import and export documents and documents such as customs declarations, inspection papers, certificates of origin of goods, certificates of hygiene and safety...
  • Documents, dossiers related to bidding, bidding documents, documents proving bidding capacity…

Other types of documents

Translation of documents for court hearings of civil or criminal cases such as disputes, complaints, frauds, assaults, scuffles causing injury…
Tables describing properties, safety of materials, chemicals, MSDS documents
DTP Korean version…

Korean Translation at Trans Global – Professional translation in native language

Interpreters at Trans Global are currently assisting clients with the following forms of translation:

  • Remote interpretation via telephony or video call system by Zalo, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet…
  • cabin interpretation/ parallel translation
  • Whisper Interpretation
  • Continued Translation/Continued Translation
  • Accompanying interpreters for projects or events,…

The above interpretation methods will be applied depending on the requirements of each project or event, including:

  • Accompanying villagers at factories, production workshops, industrial parks...
  • Korean interpreter for conferences, seminars, workshops, dialogues on environmental, economic, military, diplomatic issues...
  • Remote interpretation in Korean for meetings, seminars, conferences, online talkshows...
  • Translating silently or serially at bilateral or multilateral negotiation meetings between businesses or political organizations or NGOs…
  • Field interpretation at exhibitions, fairs, specialized seminars...
  • Interpreting in courts to hear disputes, civil or criminal lawsuits with Korean speakers….

The promise of quality

TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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