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Knowledge of Chinese (Chinese) translation into Vietnamese, English,… & vice versa

Similar to other languages, Chinese translation is divided into two groups: translation (written translation) and interpreter (oral translation). However, the Chinese translation and translation process is difficult, for the following reasons:

  • Complex hieroglyphic writing system consisting of Simplified and Traditional characters. Simplified characters are used a lot in Mainland China and Traditional characters are commonly used in Guangdong, Taiwan, Hong Kong…
  • Each region and locality has a different way of speaking, for example, Chinese in the mainland will be different from Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • A huge amount of vocabulary, diverse grammar, many homonyms but different meanings…
  • Writing style, rich and concise sentence interpretation.
  • Personal pronouns, diverse regional customs, practices, beliefs... require the translator to have a good understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

With these characteristics, Chinese translation usually has to be done by well-trained and experienced translators and interpreters, in order to ensure the best quality for the project. An effective measure to get good personnel according to the above requirements is to find reliable and professional translation companies.

Translation service from Chinese to Vietnamese, English,… & on the contrary #quality - prestige at Trans Global

Trans Global Translation Company is a unit specializing in providing a variety of Chinese - Vietnamese translation as well as Chinese and many other popular languages. Contact us now to get registered.
The quality of our Chinese translation services is recognized as ISO 9001:2015, with a strict and self-contained process management system in every step from quotation to warranty. In particular, Chinese translation is one of the most popular services of Trans Global, typically with the following types of translation:

  • Translation of general and specialized Chinese documents
  • Chinese notarized translation
  • Translator – Chinese interpreter
  • Translating media (subtitles, recording, dubbing, voiceover,...) in Chinese
  • Localization (app, website, game,...) in Chinese

Chinese translation at Trans Global – Translating a variety of documents

Chinese translation at Trans Global receives a lot of repeat registrations from customers after using the service for the first time. Translating Simplified or Traditional Chinese documents at Trans Global of various types.

1. Document:

  • Basic and specialized material
  • Chinese materials for teaching and training officials and employees…
  • Documents related to production techniques, occupational safety, table description
  • material composition, chemicals…
  • Documents, documents certifying company capacity, company profile, press release, catalog, product brochure...
  • Translation of MSDS documents…
  • Other documents

2. Report:

  • Chinese translation of scientific reports,
  • Thesis report,
  • Thesis report, theses for bachelor, master, doctoral,…
  • Other reports

3. Books, newspapers, magazines, comics… written in Chinese

4. DTP electronic editions: Chinese-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Chinese translations and 49 other language pairs…

Translation of documents, notarized documents in Chinese

Notarized personal documents in Chinese such as:

  • Birth Certificate,
  • Citizen ID,
  • Driver's License,
  • Diplomas, certificates of foreign languages,
  • Marriage Certificate,
  • Certificate of marital status,
  • Passport,
  • Visa,
  • Study records,
  • tax return,

Notarized Chinese documents and records for businesses such as:

  • Business registration license,
  • Advertising License,
  • Product announcement,
  • Invoice,
  • Construction Permit,Certificate of Land Use Right,

Translation of contracts such as:

  • Joint cooperation contract,
  • Share transfer agreement,
  • Contract of sale,
  • Labor contract,

Profile Types:

  • Bidding documents,
  • Bidding documents,
  • Dossier of certification of capacity to participate in bidding,

Types of papers, records, invoices, vouchers, tax reports, financial statements related to auditing, accounting...

The promise of quality

TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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