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Difficulties in Arabic translation

Arabic translation services flourished from the demand in the fields of economy, oil, energy, etc. Arabic is one of the most difficult languages in the world, with complicated and complicated handwriting. Even people with a natural talent for languages take at least 88 weeks or 2,200 hours of study to become fluent in the language. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a good Arabic editor.

In Vietnam, Tomato Media is one of the very few companies that receive this rare language translation. We guarantee on all 3 aspects: quality, time and cost.

High quality Arabic translation service at Tomato Media

Coming to the Arabic translation service at Tomato Media, all language barriers will be solved. We accept translation of all types of documents, documents, text formats, videos, audio. Notable services are:

  • Translation – accurate and perfect Arabic document translation
  • Professional, confident Arabic translator
  • User-friendly localization
  • Translation of Arabic Media into Vietnamese and other languages

1. Tomato Media provides accurate Arabic document translation service
With a team of professional and experienced editors, Tomato Media accepts to translate all documents such as:

  • Financial statements, audits, business performance reports, market research reports
  • Balance sheets, bookkeeping, tax returns
  • Transfer pricing report, valuation, investment analysis
  • Notarized translation of identity documents, study abroad documents, visa applications
  • Types of contracts, accounting documents, import and export documents
  • Notarized translation of household registration books, medical records, marriage and divorce papers
  • Notarized translation of inheritance certificates, wills
  • Notarized translation of patents, copyright registration
  • Translating annual reports, business capacity profiles
  • Translation of documents introducing company products and services
  • Translation of Arabic books, newspapers and magazines
  • Electronic publishing DTP Arabic
  • Translation of theses, academic documents, majors in Arabic
  • Translation of media publications, PR articles, emails, marketing news
  • Translating machine operation manuals, technical drawings, technical reports
  • Translation of legal documents in Arabic
  • Arabic medical document translation


2. Arabic Translation – Quality Interpretation – Cultural Understanding
With Arabic translation services, interpreters at Tomato Media will be a great assistant for important events such as:

  • Interpreting short-term or long-term projects
  • Interpreting business meetings, visits or diplomatic visits, etc.
  • Interpreting negotiations, signing contracts with Arab partners
  • Interpreting conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions using Arabic
  • Interpretation for remote support for conferences, meetings, etc. Serial and parallel interpretation of events such as the launch ceremony, the inauguration ceremony, the annual event, etc.

3. Arabic Translation – Quality Localization at Tomato Media
Localize Arabic with language that is very close, close to the culture, customs and even slang and dialects. Our localization service is highly appreciated by customers with diverse types such as:

  • Localize the game to Arabic language and vice versa
  • Arabic website localization: sales website, blog, etc.
  • Localize Arabic apps: install apps on phones, tablets, etc.
  • Software localization to Arabic and vice versa: sales management software, work support software, ...
  • Arabic Video Localization

4. Arabic Translation – Media Translation (subtitle translation, recording, dubbing, ...)
Media translation service from Arabic to other languages and vice versa at Tomato is trusted, selected and used by many customers. With modern machinery system, we are undertaking translation services such as:

  • Arabic translation and recording
  • Arabic translation and dubbing for movies, videos
  • Translate Arabic subtitles for movies, TV series, movies, documentaries, etc.
  • Translating movies and videos using Arabic: music videos, Vlogs, videos on Tiktok platform, Youtube, TVC advertising, social media videos, etc.
  • Script translation: movie script, video script, ...

5. Multi-specialty Arabic translation at Tomato Media
The Arabic translation service at Tomato Media not only helps you to translate documents and files from Arabic to languages, but also supports translation of all specialties. No matter what field your business is operating in, Tomato Media can fully meet it.

  • Economics major
  • Specialization in Information Technology
  • Environment field
  • Specialization in Tourism
  • Specialization in Marketing
  • Construction industry
  • Legal field
  • Specialization in Electrical - Electronics
  • Medical-Pharmaceutical translation
  • .....

The promise of quality

TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



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  • Hotline: 09712 99986



Hotline: 09712 99986


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