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Japanese to Vietnamese Translation Service,… & opposite prestige – professionalism at Trans Global

Currently, Trans Global is one of the leading prestigious units in the market specializing in providing diverse translation services for more than 50 languages. In particular, Japanese Translation is on the list of major translation languages at Trans Global, winning the trust of a large number of customers with a variety of service forms as follows:

  • Translation of general and specialized Japanese documents
  • Japanese notarized translation
  • Translation – Japanese Interpreter
  • Localization (app, website, game, video,...) in Japanese
  • Translation of media – multimedia (subtitles, recording, dubbing, ...) in Japanese

Japanese translation at Trans Global – Translating #high quality documents
The team of Japanese translators at Trans Global is capable of translating many different types of documents, including:

  • Translation of theses, theses, graduation theses for bachelor, master, doctor
  • Translation of company profiles, product introduction documents, production technology, press releases…
  • Translating Japanese books, newspapers, magazines, research reports
  • Translation of notarized personal records such as personal resumes, diplomas, certificates, visa applications, study abroad documents, marriage certificates...
  • Notarized Japanese translation for organizations and businesses such as business registration licenses, investment licenses, patent registration documents...
  • Translating various types of contracts such as labor contracts, joint venture contracts, purchase and sale contracts, property transfer...
  • Translation of bidding documents, bidding documents, capacity documents…
  • Translating documents, documents and records related to import and export such as certificate of origin (C/O), certificate of quality (C/Q)…
  • Translating documents, invoices, tax reports in accounting and auditing
  • Translating documents related to design drawings, occupational safety information, instructions for installing machinery and equipment…
  • Translating MSDS documents, making electronic copies from DTP…
  • And many other documents and documents

Japanese translation at Trans Global – Translating (Interpreting) with native accent

Trans Global's Japanese translation team is present in all provinces in Vietnam as well as many countries around the world. We specialize in the following forms of translation:

  • Parallel translation/cabin translation
  • Silent translation
  • Sequential translation/following translation
  • Accompanying interpreter
  • Remote interpretation via phone, video call

These forms are applied in popular events and projects such as:

  • Translation and negotiation at meetings of the Board of Directors, meetings to discuss agreements on signing joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions…
  • Interpreting for conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, fairs, awards ceremonies…
  • Interpreting in staff training sessions
  • Translator accompanying directly at construction sites, workshops, factories, factories…
  • Translator for administrative, civil or criminal trials.

Japanese translation at Trans Global – Localization (website, game, app, video,…)

At Trans Global, the Japanese localization service is popularly applied for the following forms:

  • Localize offline or online games on multiple device platforms
  • Localization of online learning apps, maps, health checks, dictionaries, financial management, online shopping, live chat…
  • Localization of graphic design software, video editing, calculation software, word processing…
  • Localize websites that introduce business information, products, online newspapers or magazines…

Japanese translation at Trans Global – Media Translation (recording, dubbing, subtitles,...)

Besides a team of experienced translators, we also own a modern studio system according to American standards and a team of professional voiceover and narrator staff. Many people are MCs, actors, editors at major stations such as HTV, VTV, VOV… The popular Japanese media translation images at Trans Global include:

  • Transliteration and recording
  • Translate and subtitle
  • Transliteration and dubbing
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Audio and script transcription
  • Compile for movies, scripts…

The number of translations is spread in a variety of topics and formats, such as:

  • Movie genres such as cinema, television, short film, animation…
  • Videos/clips about journalism, news reports, documentaries…
  • TVCs, viral clips, music videos…
  • Videos about game shows and talk shows on TV
  • Teaching videos, sharing about life, cooking instructions
  • Videos on tourism and cultural topics such as discovering landscapes, food…
  • Media publications such as posters, banners, brochures, catalogs, flyers, email-marketing…

The promise of quality

TRANS GLOBAL ensures consistent, high quality service delivery in all its commitments to customers. Our employees follow well-established business processes so that we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed customer expectations.



  • Hanoi Head Office: No. 19/157 Chua Lang Street- Lang Thuong Ward- Dong Da District- City. HN
  • Transaction office: No. 120 Tran Binh, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 09712 99986

Website: https://transglobal247.com/

Email: transglobal247@gmail.com

Hotline: 09712 99986


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