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A good website, we often call it a website, is an online tool to help organizations and businesses introduce and advertise products and brands to customers. Website is known as a broad-spectrum tool, reaching many customers and customer files, is the leading effective marketing method today.

With the trend of globalization, your business wants to reach beyond the borders, reach partners and customers; Attracting foreign investment requires content written in multiple languages, reaching out to a wider audience worldwide. Therefore, website translation service is the conversion of website languages ​​into different languages ​​preferred by most organizations and businesses with the desire to reach out, thrive and develop sustainably.

Translation often comes with proofreading of the website to correct errors (if any). In case you need to proofread the translation of a website translated from Vietnamese into other languages, a reputable translation company will have the service of proofreading translated by native translators.

Website translation and website editing help to translate website translations with high accuracy, in accordance with the local culture, achieve the best quality and have the same value as a website designed and written by native speakers.

Localizing a complete website is the best way for you to convey your message, build your brand and service to a local partner. Especially, a multilingual website shows the professionalism for your brand and business when giving customers interesting experiences. Since then, businesses promote cooperation, sales, increase sales.

Therefore, successful website translation is accessible to the inside of the target customers, conveying the message of the business in many languages, the customer culture will build trust and credibility.

Translation service Website / Software of Trans global

As a leading translation company in Vietnam today, Trans Global Translation provides website translation services, proofreading website quality and perfection. Trans Global Translation possesses the outstanding advantages of a reputable translation unit, we specialize in document translation:

Website localization
Website editing to correct errors (if any)
Software translation in over 50 languages
Rain or shine, noon or evening
We always advise and support our customers 24/7 with all our heart
Website / software translation process
The website localization process usually includes the following basic steps:
Customer website analysis

The translation manager will analyze the website according to the specialty, consider the requirements of the client, make a list of specialized terms, estimate the time to complete, quote the translation after receiving the website to translate.

Website translation planning

Once an agreement and commitment has been made with the customer, the employee will schedule a specific implementation.

Website translation

Translators conduct website translations with the analyzed and planned criteria. This is an important step, translators always work with the highest sense of responsibility to get quality translations.

Website proofreading

After the translation, the translators proofread the translation to check for errors (if any). At the same time, website editing can be done by native speakers to standardize their native languages and cultures.

Upload and check translations

Check the translation, upload content, test (demo) website if customers request and handover the translated website.

Handover and modify as required

Project staff will hand over documents of website translation to customers. At the same time, the staff will receive changes and requests from customers to make corrections (if any).

Advantages of Trans Global's notarized translation
The website localization process usually includes the following basic steps:
With multi-language and multi-field translation services, Trans Global serves all requirements of customers who localize websites in all languages and fields, with the best quality of translation and website interface.
Trans Global brings together a team of good and experienced translators. At the same time, a team of translators who are native speakers helps to revise the website in accordance with the culture and service use of indigenous people.
After completing the content translation, the technician team will support uploading content to the website, running tests and correcting errors (if any).
Website translation and proofreading at Trans Global not only transliteration but also interface, images, content suitable for the local language and culture.
A quality website needs to ensure all SEO criteria. Trans Global is always interested in SEO standards, in website translation, to help you gain a competitive advantage.
Trans Global commits to the lowest price in the market. DISCOUNT 10% for first customers. DISCOUNT 5-10% for customers who make multiple applications. FREE test translations for customers to trust when using the service

Our translation team has over 5-10 years of professional experience carefully selected and tested to ensure that only professional translators, editors and appraisers can take part. client’s translation project

We understand the nature of financial documents is very sensitive, we follow strict confidentiality procedures and are committed to absolute confidentiality for our customers. All our translation specialists must sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements while working

All of our translators are compelled to use translation memory, dictionaries, proprietary terms, and adhere to strict quality control regulations that ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation for customers.

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